Even with the best products, your curls still need time to heal in order to come back to life. Be patient & consistent, knowing that as you implement key strategies & techniques on your curl journey, you can create healthier & more defined curls over time. With our heat cap, you'll for sure get on the right path to get your curls looking and feeling healthy, moisturized, and more defined.

Overwhelmed & don't know where to start? Learning your hair's porosity is the first step to achieve healthy, defined curls

Porosity has to do with your hairs current state of health & how your curls absorb & eject moisture

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Get 1:1 time with Cay to help you understand and master your curls all in the comfort of your own home. You will be guided step by step how to apply products, how to diffuse & overall what type of regimen will help your curls thrive the most. All curlies, including curly kids & parents are welcome & encouraged to join! An exclusive, life changing oppurtunity awaits you!

The Products Your Porosity Type Loves

With the right products, techniques, & tools, you can take your curl game to the next level

Unlike other companies, here at Cays Curls​​™, you'll receive very informative instructions + video tutorials showing you exactly how to use your life changing tool(s)!

*excluding pillowcases, scrunchies & clips

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Learn & understand life changing, natural curl care techniques and habits to transition/revive your curls. Find images of great product recommendations, the cost of each and where they're located. Tired of getting tips here and there and not knowing where to start? Look no further!

Start gaining the knowledge & confidence you need to make your curls thrive now!

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We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
213 reviews

The adjustable satin bonnet is awesome! It's the first time my cap stayed!



The microfiber towel is super absorbent, soft, & large enough to plop or tie up on your head. I have long hair and it has reduced my dry time significantly! Would absolutely recommend, even to non curlies!

Ann B.


I looovveee my scrunchies, satin wrap and exfoliator! For the quality & use! I never realized the material REALLY makes a difference. The scrunchies and satin wrap are awesome. I love the exfoliator also! Th quality is everything. I'll be a returning customer. There's more I really want to order



Not just for the girls, I got some silk pillowcases for my man and I and they are lovely! Cool, smooth, no hair pulling or skin tugging like a regular cotton case. I find the cool finish refreshing as a hot sleeper. I don't wake up with crazy sleep wrinkles.



The satin pillowcases are so soft and it seems to have helped my curls! Ive noticed less tangles & frizziness right away! Thanks Cay!!!

Lauren K.


I wish I had this brush sooner! I use it on my daughters hair every wash day. It not only detangles quickly, it also smooths the hair without pain. Best wet brush Ive ever used hand down. Can I also mention the beautiful curl clumps it creates when styling?!

Stephanie R.


Healthy Hair Starts At The Scalp

grow stronger, thicker, healthier curls by using our wash tools