The Shampoo Exfoliator

$7.99 USD

The secret to healthy hair is the scalp! Scalp massages help promote blood flow circulation and increases the vitality of your hair. Transform your wash day routine with an invigorating experience by stimulating your scalp and releasing everyday tension and stresses. A clean, unclogged scalp is guaranteed to help hair growth and improve the overall condition of your curls. Help your scalp get the nutrients it deserves with Cays Shampoo scalp exfoliator! 


  • Deeply cleanses while removing excess dirt and buildup from scalp 
  • Activates the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth
  • Prevents and controls dandruff
  • Promotes scalp health
  • Improves blood flow circulation, stimulating hair elasticity and growth
Suggested use: After shampoo is applied to scalp, scalp massage with your fingertips to increase the soap lather. Grab your exfoliator, gently apply to scalp and rotate in small circular motions. Continue for 15 seconds or so and move on to next area. Repeat steps until entire scalp has been exfoliated. Visit Cayscurls YouTube page to see it in action! 
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