Cays Curls Curly Hair Product Founder, Macayla DeJear

Cays Curls Curly Hair Product Founder, Macayla DeJear

Cays Curls™ is a true “finding a solution to a problem” story. It all started in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My name is Macayla DeJear and I am the Founder and creator of Cays Curls. Knowing which products to use for your curls can be a headache, but knowing how to use them can be even more of a frustration. Think of it as you would a car. It can only be beneficial if you know how to drive. If you don't know how to drive, then the car can only do so much for you, in fact, it won't do anything at all for you. Learning and practicing how to drive is the only way to benefit from a vehicle. Same goes for hair products and techniques. If you don't know how to use them with the right techniques and don't know the natural characteristics of your strands, your curls cannot implement their best potential. All of our curly hair tools have exceptional quality that’s guaranteed to last. They go hand in hand with the everyday products you use.  Using our tools along with our life changing techniques are available and ready to help you create curlfidence in the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you're just now starting your curl journey, or just looking to reduce some frizz, Cays Curls™ has everything you need (and need to know) to get your curls poppin'.

As a biracial child in the 90’s, I grew up in a society where natural curly hair wasn't “beautiful”. Luckily, my mom was a hair stylist and she took the time to make sure I never had split ends and my curls were always perfect. Unexpectedly, my mom's health took a turn for the worse and I was left to figure my curls out myself. By age 10, I would walk to the beauty store around the corner from our home and try product after product, but nothing seemed to work. When special occasions came around, I would try to hide my curls by flat ironing my hair, getting it braided, or even worse, relaxing/perming it, but wearing it down, naturally curly was never an option. I began feeling like I wasn't “loved or liked” enough simply for being me! So I continued to hide my curls any chance I got. Physically, I was damaging my hair with every single heat and chemical touch I applied. Mentally, I needed to feel “accepted”. After decades of confusion and severe hair breakage from chemicals and heat, I had had enough. There was no going to a salon to figure my hair out because stylists didn't know what to do with curls either. By 2019, I decided to dedicate extra time and effort to research and understand my curls. I was on a mission to “find me” and that became my number one priority.  

When January 2020 approached, I was confident that I understood the basic fundamentals of what my curls needed. I put my new found knowledge to action, drove two hours away from home to a salon that had stylists’ with curly hair education and I received my first “Deva Cut”. By the time she was finished with me, I could feel new beginnings happening. For the first time in my life, I was in love with the way my curly hair looked, naturally! After decades of insecurities and low confidence because of my dry frizzy hair, I felt comfortable and happy to “be me”. My natural curls were shaped and placed so beautifully that anyone would be a fool to deny it. I was finally in love with myself, my hair and it was time to live a new beginning. By the age of 30, I had finally felt like I found “me” and I loved my natural curls more than ever! 

From walking in the grocery store, to playing in the park with my daughter, I would receive heartwarming compliments like, “Your hair is amazing” “How do you get your curls like that?” “Your curls are beautiful”. Some people would even go the extra mile and ask for help, so I started to write down a few websites/stores, recommended a couple products, and gave a few pointers on how to style based on their curls. I suddenly realized the need and high demand for natural curls and I had the gift of understanding them. I knew all the well kept secrets and techniques about curls that I could share with the world! From regimens, to amazing detangle brushes, to finding a worthy deep conditioner, there was not one website, salon, stylist, store or educational service that would help you understand how to manage curly hair. Information and products are everywhere, but it is impossible to know and trust sites because information was so sparse and it seemed like you had to have their product in order for your curls to have “the look”. Most of the time, these products were too expensive to keep up with, which led to procrastination and intimidation. But I was trusted because I had The Curls to prove it. This genetic curiosity/interest of mine has motivated and driven me to spread knowledge and love through curls at an all time high! 

First impressions are everything and having a good hair day can make all the difference on how you feel and how others view you. Feeling confident can bring a tremendous amount of joy to one self and the others around them, which can lead to unlimited opportunities and endless possibilities. Because when you’re confident with who you are, anything is possible! Through Cays Curls, I am thrilled and honored to share my story and offer curl care education and tools to help the world! It is truly made with love and a tremendous amount of research, with the hopes to make someone love themselves a little more!

Cay’s Curls™ is here to help you understand, master and empower your curls from the comfort of your own home!


Cay's Husband & their 3 girls                       

From left to right: Samari, Myla, Rylan, and Ryan 



90's Cay with her mom and dad 

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