Our Values

Our Values

Our Values are caring for our customers and their curls, as if they were our own and through our quality products, life changing tutorials and blogs, we are here to help create curlfidence in as many curlies as we can. No matter what stage of life your curls are in, our goal is for you to love and embrace the natural curl pattern you were born with.

Our mission is to help you master, empower and understand your curls with life changing tools and techniques. 

Our Objective is to help any and all curlies create the “salon look” from the comfort of your own home and to have confidence in the daily maintenance of curly hair. By housing an all-in-one place for all curl care tools and techniques, we are sure that our step by step guidance, tutorials and tools will give the results you desire!

Cay's Background: 
Macayla DeJear, the founder of Cays Curls has a long history with curly hair. Growing up with parents from two different cultures, she couldn’t relate or get hair advice from them or family, because neither side of her families really resembled her or had hair like hers. She struggled through school and life with lack of confidence- due to dry, damaged, confused curls. When she turned 11, she decided to get her first perm to see if that would give her the boost of confidence she was looking for. As soon as the treatment was removed, the majority of her hair fell out and she was forced to restart the curl journey, yet again. 

Fortunately, at the age of 12, she found friends who loved hair and experienced with the trial-and-error method for fun. Doing different hairstyles and even learning how to french braid became a hobby on the weekends with friends. Up until the age of 30, Macayla continued with the trial-and-error method and stayed consistent on the journey to find “Her”. Ever since then, her curls have been thriving and it’s been her mission to share her knowledge and experience with the world. She now has a family of her own, with three curly girls and a curly haired husband as well. Mastering curls has become her passion and now her mission to help others. By combining two of her passions, (helping others and curls) she is here to help fill a major void in the industry. Regardless of age, race and background, Cays Curls is here to encourage and embrace Curlfidence in all! 




The Family: Left to right- Samari, Myla, Rylan, Cay and Husband, Ryan 


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