Why you should switch to a Silk Pillowcase for your curly hair now?

Why you should switch to a Silk Pillowcase for your curly hair now?

There are SO many benefits to using a silk pillowcase for your curly hair, we HAD to make a blog about it. 

Mulberry Silk is one of the most luxurious materials of the world and the benefits makes it all worth the price! Silk is clinically proven to significantly reduce friction, frizz and the absorption of face cream. Unlike satin, silk has the capability of providing a substantial amount of skin benefits, such as reducing the appearance of face wrinkles, acne, and considered an anti-aging factor.

If you're not convinced by now, keep on reading and below, you can find all the top 5 reasons you should def make the switch curl friend!

1. Significantly reduces frizz and friction: Mulberry Silk contains properties of non absorbent material- which allows your hair to retain products (not the pillow), promoting healthy, strong curls. Unlike cotton, silk will not absorb the products in your hair or on your face.

2. Anti-Aging: Since Silk has such amazing non-absorbing properties, it allows your face to absorb your night cream, which aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Cotton has the tendency to suck out the moisture of anything it comes into contact with, even if you don't have night cream on, it has the ability to make your face drier than normal. With silks smooth, soft finish your face will stay healthy and hydrated longer, reducing your chance of wrinkles, sleep creases, acne and much more! 

3. Regulates With Temperature: Silk helps to regulate the body temperature throughout the night. How? you ask, when it's cold, the air can be captured between the silk threads and the natural heat from our bodies are dispersed throughout the air, which creates an isolation effect. Unlike satin and cotton, Silk will not shut down the natural cooling process and drench you in your own sweat. 

4. Hypoallergenic: Natural Mulberry Silk is coated with a protein known as sericin. This special protein helps silk materials to be resistant to bacteria, fungus and mold. Sericin also helps to repel dust mites, which are known to be the number one source of allergic irritation. 

5. Protects and Preserves lash extensions: Cotton tends to tug and pull on hair, including lash extensions. If you notice you have quite a bit of lashes missing the next morning, it's most likely because of your cotton pillowcase. Silk can significantly increase the lifespan of your extensions, so save yourself some coins, hassle and lashes by switching to silk!  


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*Note: A satin pillowcase can work wonders for your curls also, unlike cotton satin will not absorb your curls moisture and the products you applied. However, the benefits of the natural silk material listed above are not included in the known materials of satin. 


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