Cays Curls: The E-Book

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This eBook is guaranteed to give you the confidence you and your curls deserve! Whether you're new to being natural or just need a few extra pointers, any confusion or concern that you may have can be found here and will help get rid of all unwanted frizz and frustration. From how to wash your curls, down to how to preserve them at night, take control of your curls! Gain the knowledge to buy products with confidence and learn how to use them. Here at Cays Curls​​™, it's all about the technique and how to properly apply your products. Start becoming empowered, inspired and confident with Cays Curls​​™ eBook now!


  • Downloadable pdf sent directly to your email, immediately after purchase 
  • The ability to read and learn at your own pace
  • Helps transition and reprogram your mind to accept the curl journey
  • A new curl regimen from washing, down to refreshing day 2-3 curls 
  • How to find an educated curly stylist and salon near you and what steps to take before your first appointment 
  • Identifying your curl pattern and what it means for you
  • Tests to help discover your porosity type, why it's crucial to know and characteristics to help you understand them
  • What your porosity type loves and what things to avoid
  • An understanding of the "Top 5" ingredients in your products and why they matter
  • An in-depth curl regimen from wash day to day 2-3 of restyling (Based on your porosity type) 
  • Amazing product recommendations, including the price and location, categorized by your porosity type: products such as Shampoos, Leave-in's, Deep Conditioners, Gels, even diffusers and so much more! 
  • Full access for life! 


*Note: This book is non-refundable after purchase. 
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