The Satin Wrap

$9.99 USD

Cay's satin wrap can help protects against unwanted frizz and friction. It helps maintain and preserve your curls day or night. With this beautiful, multi-functional wrap, you can dress it up as a luxurious headband, during the day, and turn it in to your holygrail curl saver, by night! Either way, this wrap will add benefit and longevity to your wash and go's.  


  • Protects against unwanted frizz and friction 
  • Significantly improves the quality of curls while you sleep 
  • High-grade satin material 
  • Extends the length of wash and go's 
  • Mutli-functional 
Suggested use: Fold wrap into triangle. Flip head and head forward, allowing hair to fall towards the ground. Apply wrap to the back of head, with the triangle tip, hanging in front of of your face. Simply tie the wrap into a shoestring knot. Visit Cayscurls YouTube page to see it in action! 
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