Low Porosity

Low Porosity

Low Porosity is very healthy hair that only accepts moisture when applied with warm water, has very little to no heat/chemical damage and low use of mechanical manipulation 


Low Porosity curls is a closed hair cuticle that's tightly bonded, while laying smooth and flat, which makes it difficult for moisture (AKA water, leave-in conditioner, gel, etc.) to enter the hair follicle. Considered to be very healthy hair that has had little to no chemicals or heat and needs warm to hot water to allow product penetration to the hair cuticle/shaft. Once low porosity has absorbed the moisture, it is preserved well and will stay moisturized for a long time. 



  • Healthy, resilient hair
  • Dries very slowly
  • Has little to no chemical/heat or mechanical manipulation damage
  • Excessive use of braids, tight ponytails, heat/chemical damage, can lead to high porosity strands, especially at the ends of hair, which can lead to thin/fragile strands. It is best to get the ends trimmed/cut off, if they do not resemble the majority or hair 
  • Mechanical Manipulation: Consistently applying heat to style, and/or tight ponytails, braids, etc. 
  • Can become more porous (higher porosity & difficult to manage) if heat styling, chemicals, and/or excessive mechanical manipulation is done
  • Products tend to “sit” on hair, (only if warm water isn’t used) causing buildup 
  • Doesn’t need much leave-in conditioner, they’re packed with proteins and low porosity already contains plenty, use twice the amount of gel and focus on more moisture instead  
  • Naturally low porosity hair contains the perfect amount of proteins, so be very cautious using anything that contains protein.
  • Can be prone to product build up if too much product is used
  • A heat cap will bring your curl game to a whole new level, providing a tremendous amount of moisture and elasticity
  • Use a clarifying shampoo every other wash. With healthy tresses, you can go every other week shampooing and just using the co-wash every wash. This will ensure moisture, without causing buildup.
  • Take your time and be sure to style in sections. Make sure hair is fully saturated with warm water before applying products to ensure definition.
  • Physically squeeze (gently) the product into hair to increase absorption.
  • Protein treatments two to three times a year is ideal. (During the beginning or end of cold and hot seasons). If hair is healthy, it is naturally packed with lots of protein and can easily become stiff and weighed down from protein overload, but sometimes our tresses can be stripped from the natural proteins, due to humidity, sweat, swimming, etc. 
  • Apply oil/serum AFTER hair is 100% dry. Seal/Soften the scalp with fingertips for 1-2 minutes. Lather the remainder into the rest of your tresses that are crunchy from the gel. 
  • If you want your wash-and-go’s to last a little longer, do not use oil the day of your wash and go. Unless you need perfect curls for an occasion, go as long as you can without applying to your curls. On the scalp is ok, just do not apply to there rest of your strands, if you want your wash-and-go to last a little longer 
  • For extra protection, sleep with a bonnet
  • Have patience! Great results take lots of time , perseverance, and practice.
  • Protective styles like loose buns, ponytails, braids, twists can be beneficial by extending the length in between wash days.
  • Use Co-wash every.single.wash day before shampoo. Rinse after shampoo is applied.  
  • Try different products to see what works and what doesn't.
  • Trim your ends, twice a year.
  • Visit Cays Curls YouTube page to watch and "How To" videos for your low porosity curls 


Products to use for low porosity curls 

A great starting point with the right products is all you need sometimes. Find out how to use them with your curl type on our YouTube page! 



1. Co-wash

  • A light cleanse with warm water that will remove styling products, while also providing and preserving moisture. 
  • Use Co-wash every time you cleanse your hair. You can even skip out on shampoo and only use a co-wash. (Skipping shampoo is only recommended every other wash.)


2. Sulphate-free shampoo

  • Using a clarifying shampoo with warm water and the exfoliator will aid in removing excess dirt and buildup
  • Low porosity strands can skip out on shampoo every other wash day. This will immensely leave curls moisturized and reduce the harsh effects and severe dryness that shampoo tends to create. Don’t worry about dirt and buildup, a good co-wash can take care of that until the following week. 


3. Deep Conditioner

  • Helps to restore nutrients and dramatically improves hair elasticity. 
  • Using a heat cap once a week will open up your hair cuticles, allowing the moisture to aggressively seep into curls. 



4.  Protein Masque

  • A protein masque is considered a deep conditioner, however, it can easily be over or underused, depending on your hair's current state. Use sparingly. It Is not recommended to use protein on a consistent basis. It's crucial to switch up products during seasonal changes. The weather can definitely affect the outcome of your tresses.
  •  Low Porosity hair is naturally packed with nutrients and proteins. A protein masque is only necessary about two-three times a year for healthy low porosity strands. For example, (1) When it becomes winter, hair tends to dry out more- hence, the cold, dry weather (2) The beginning and (3) End of summer months, when it's hotter and humid.

5. Curl Milk or Leave-in Conditioner Spray

  • A light leave-in conditioner or curl milk is thin enough to penetrate into the low, closed hair cuticle. The thicker the conditioner, the more chance you have of the product “sitting” on your hair. The thinner, the better!

6. Mousse

  • Mousse and the styler brush will reduce frizz,  enhance/define curl pattern, and create beautiful curl clumps
  • Provides a light-weight hold while creating volume. 
  • Mousse is a great styler product, but your curls can also do without. Try it out to see what it can do for your hair 

7. Gel

  • Provides a tremendous amount of shape, hold and curl definition when styling.
  • The secret to poppin curls. 
  • Creates long lasting, defined curls. 
  • Increases elasticity and flexibility to your tresses.
  • Use a “cheap” gel when doing slick back ponytails or any other updo style. You don't want to use up all your “good” gel on hair that doesn't need defined curls. 

8. Light Oil/Serum

  • Use a lightweight oil to seal your curls (such as jojoba oil).
  • Start with a very small, dime sized amount of oil.
  • Scrunch to remove the “crunch”. This will immediately soften your curls from the gel cast. 
  • Skip out on oil if you want your wash and go’s to last longer. If you have a special occasion or need “poppin curls” that day, I recommend using oil and shake method. 

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