10 tips for a fresh start to a healthy curl regimen (for all waves, curls & coils)

how to start a curly hair routine for beginners


TIP #1: THE MIND-SHIFT                   

Let’s start by training and reprogramming your mind to accept the journey and process. This will ultimately become a life change, which will not happen overnight. Finding “yourself” in a sense, can create an endless amount of opportunity and growth in your life! Great results will take an abundance of time and patience, but ultimately, amazing results are sure to follow! 

  • It’s all about curls here! Curls have texture and are moisture/porosity based. No matter your race, gender, religion, beliefs, or backgrounds, if you have waves, curls, or coilys this is for you! We are here to help you love and understand your beautiful tresses. Curls is our religion! 

  • Be willing to educate yourself. There is tons of information (now all in one place) and things to understand, so take your time and once you know it….you know it and no one can take that away from you!

  • Every curly has a dream look for the “perfect curls” but when your hair is damaged and dry, it can feel like “perfect” is impossible. So the question is, how do you go from the current state of hair that you have to having the curls you’ve always dreamt of? Stay with us to find out how because we have the key techniques and the mind blowing secrets to creating curls you didn't even know was possible! 

  • Take pictures throughout your journey to see how far you’ve come. Start with a picture of your “now”  hair. Overtime, results will happen and pictures are the reminder that progress is being made. Be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate the small victories. 

  • Patience is key! Even with the best products in the world, transitioning will take time. You have to give your curls a chance! Especially if there is/was heat and/or chemical damage. Once there is damage done to your natural hair, the effects cannot be reversed, but getting a head start with a healthier hair care regimen will set you up for the best results when new hair comes in. Just remember, your curls need time to heal to come back to life. You may not see results in two months, or six and that's ok! Consistency is key and great results take time. As you continue your brand new regimen and curl journey, your curls will become healthier, and more defined overtime. Don't give up curl friend! You got this!  




TIP #2: DO NOT compare your curls to someone else's! 

This can easily become a major mistake. It can lead to even more frustration, confusion, procrastination and intimidation. Every curly has a different journey and story. Stick to your own path/journey and stay focused on your curls! 

However, relating to images resembling your curl pattern can be used as a tool to help you understand and figure out what your curls can & cannot do, or as a reference and picture guide to show to the stylist. That’s it! Do not expect your wavy hair to do what a curly-coily hair can do and vice-versa. Stick to what your hair can relate to. 




TIP #3: Say No to Heat & Chemical Dye as much as possible!

  • Saying no to straightening everyday, one day at a time is key!

  • Stop all heat processing, hair coloring, etc. immediately! Heat and chemical damage will keep you from getting your desired look of healthy curls. You can do things to temporarily bring them back to life like extra moisturizing treatments and special color shampoo. However, once curls are damaged, the effects cannot be reversed.

  • Whether your goal is to create more hydration, develop stronger hair, have less frizz, better retention, more shine, length, or the most desired…..defined curls, it can all be achieved by going and staying natural! 

TIP #4: Porosity-Find out & learn what type of Porosity your curls fall under

  • This is crucial information to determine what your curls need, what products to buy and what curl technique will work best for you. 

  • Your everyday hair maintenance, along with your climate/environmental factors will play a huge role in the porosity and pattern of your curls. Factors like how often you shampoo your hair, if you have chemicals like dye or bleach, if you use heat styling, and/or excessive mechanical manipulation (Tight ponytails, braids, over brushing). These are only some of the factors that will play a major role in understanding your hair’s porosity and texture. It’s imperative to know what state your hair is currently in and how to manage it at this starting point. 

  • Since porosity plays a major role when it comes to curls, it’s time to truly get to know them, down to the individual strand. Your hair’s porosity is the true way to find out what your hair loves and hates. It’s how you determine “this product? or that product?” as well as “this technique? or that technique?”. It takes the confusion out and genuinely gives you an understanding as to what will work for your hair! It’s crucial to understand what works for one curl friend, may not work for another- and it's most likely because of the porosity difference. Once you have an understanding about your curls and the basic technique to create and preserve them, you can make almost any and every product work for you (In your key genre of products)! It’s just about persistence and staying consistent! Everyone's hair is different, so getting to know your curls first is KEY! 

*Check our blog "Find your Porosity" under Curl Edu to find your porosity type!

TIP #5: Learning/Sticking to the Key Techniques & Components of Managing Curls

We know this may get overwhelming and exciting all at the same time, we totally get it! There’s lots of new information to read, digest and understand, but the beauty of it all is that you can take your time curlfriend! Take advantage by going at the pace you need to learn and understand new concepts. So before we take another dive in deeper, because we just love sharing and inspiring all things curls! To help transition and refocus your mind into a simpler understanding, there are technically only five main components to mastering your curls. Once you understand how to take care of your curls, in this order, life changing adjustments and improvements will be made overtime!

  1. Cleansing 

  2. Deep Conditioning 

  3. Styling 

  4. Diffusing or Air Drying

  5. Protecting


Before starting any new routine, it's crucial to make sure you have the proper tools to help you preserve your curls. It can easily become a major bummer to start and create beautiful curls and lose all results the next day because you didn’t protect them. Cotton has the ability to absorb any and everything it comes into contact with, including your hair and face’s moisture! Also, when putting your hair in a ponytail, bun, etc., it’s best to use a satin scrunchie, as much as possible. This will help to reduce frizz, breakage and hair creases. So, if you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, now is the time to switch it out! Before starting your new curl journey, it’s imperative to have:

(1) A Silk (the best benefits & choice) or Satin Pillowcase (the cheaper option) 

(2) An Adjustable drawstring Satin Bonnet (the best choice) or Satin Wrap


(3) Satin Scrunchies

*Cayscurls.com has all the best, quality tools to make your curls thrive! Check out our Silk and Satin pillowcases! 


TIP #7: Purchase The Key Products! 

Once you’re familiar with your porosity type, it’s time to purchase a few products! Going to the store to buy curly hair products can easily become a hassle and frustration! We get totally get it! There is an endless amount to choose from! Do not worry, curlfriend! We got you!  (We’ll start with the basics for now) It’s also important to remember, you dont need to spend a fortune to make your curls thrive. Just knowing what products will work best for you is key!

1. Co-wash: (For dry, low porosity hair only-The hair type water tends to “sit” on) 

2. Scalp Scrub: (For “flat roots’, and “greasy”, prone to buildup scalp only- Mostly medium porosity)

3. Sulphate-free Shampoo

4. Deep Conditioner (Skip the original step of “conditioner, right after shampoo! We need more moisture than that, curlfriend! Also, providing damaged hair ((Or even healthy hair)) with deep conditioning treatments will be beneficial to your damaged curls and temporarily bring them to a healthier state-until the next wash day) 

5. A Protein Masque: Warning: This product can easily be over or underused, depending on your hair's current state. Use sparingly. It Is not recommended to use protein on a consistent basis. It's crucial to switch up products during seasonal changes. The weather can definitely affect the outcome of your tresses.

 * Low & Medium Porosity hair: Naturally packed with nutrients and proteins. A protein masque is only necessary about two-three times a year. For example, (1) When it becomes winter, hair tends to dry out more- hence, the cold, dry weather (2) The beginning and (3) End of summer months, when it's hotter and humid. 

*High Porosity hair: Tends to be drier, due to chemical dyes. A protein masque is great for adding back in the stripped nutrients and proteins every other month. 

6. A Mousse (You dont need to use all the time, but can be a replacement for leave-in’s, or an addition to your styling products!) 


7a. Leave-In Conditioner : For Medium-High Porosity: A normal leave in conditioner, will help tame frizz and a leave-in conditioner will be light enough to enter the hair shaft, but also thick enough in that it wont weigh your curls down

7b. Combing Cream: For Medium Porosity-Thick enough to create moisture, without weighing your curls down

7c. Leave-in Spray or Curl Milk: For Low Porosity- A spray or curl milk is light enough for your closed cuticle curls to absorb without it weighing your hair down or “sitting” on your strands. 

8.  A good Gel- Helps to seal and lock in the moisture that the leave-in/curl cream provides 

9. A Cheap Gel- For all up-do’s/braids, etc. We don't want to use our “good gel” when all we need is a great hold for our slick back hair-do days. 

10. Oil- Breaks the gel cast and/or hard crunchiness 

**For more information on what type of products to purchase, refer to our pinterest page!

**Remember, it’s totally ok to mix up brands. You do not need to use the same brand from Co-Wash, down to the oil.

**Also, for more recommendations on products, the price, and where to find them, download our e-book now! 



TIP #8: Start your key strategies & your new curl regimen 

  • Start implementing the key techniques and products! Just start! You dont have to be perfect, or do everything correct-especially on the first try, Just go for it! 

  • Do not worry! It may seem a bit time consuming, but once you get into a groove, you will get better results and become faster each time! 

  • As you continue your brand new regimen and curl journey, your curls will become healthier, and more defined overtime. Don't give up curl friend! You got this!

*To see all the products being used in action and how to start, check out Cayscurls YouTube page! There, you can find videos on how to cleanse, deep condition, style and even diffuse!

TIP #9: Stay Consistent! 

When you’ve spent your whole hair life using the wrong techniques and products, adjusting into a new curly hair regimen will take longer than expected. Fixing years and/or decades of damaged hair takes time and doesn't happen with one wash-and-go or treatment. 

As your curls learn to adjust to a healthy curl care regimen, they may seem oily, heavy or even dry for the first few weeks, and that’s perfectly normal. Just remember to stay consistent, patient, and optimistic that you will learn to love, understand and manage your curls with our step-by-step guide and e-book! 

TIP #10: The Big Chop! 

It’s crucial to not jump or skip to this step without learning how to manage your curls first! Take your time, save your money and learn how to take care of your curls. 

When you start to understand and implement your new curl regimen and products, it’s time for the big chop or the big trim to get your dead/split ends off. You won’t want to go just anywhere to receive your big chop and/or trim. You need to see a certified curly hair specialist. Yes, this is a thing! Visiting a hair stylist who has, not only experience but the knowledge and education for natural curly hair is key. This is a hair stylist who took the extra time, money and patience to learn about natural curls! THIS is what and who we want! It can be the ultimate life/curl changing experience! It will change your perspective when it comes to visiting a hair salon, reverse the traumatic experiences and have your curls thriving! 

*Refer to our blog and/or Pinterest page for steps on how to find a Certified Curly Stylist and Salon!


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