Cay's top 3 curly must haves

Cay's top 3 curly must haves

Our site is packed with the best of the best curly hair tools! If you're wanting to start with a few tools at a time, then these are it! Here at Cays Curls, we focus on the "how to" side of things. We offer products and tools that are guaranteed to work and will for sure make an overall difference in the life of your delicate strands! How do we know you ask? Cay, herself has had a head full of curls, pretty much her entire life and up until the age of 30, maintaining healthy curly hair was a struggle to say the least. We are here to help make your natural curly hair life easier. With that being said, here are the top 3 products Cay cannot live without. 

1. Silk Pillowcase

Wanna wake up and do little to nothing to your hair? Then this is for you! Our 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases has a thickness of 19 momme and is the softest and healthiest way to preserve and maintain quality curls. Silk is one of the most luxurious, prestigious fabrics in the world and known as the Queen of all fabrics! Its best kept beauty secret in that it doesn't readily absorb moisture...or anything for that matter! This means that all the goodness of nutrients that's in your hair (and face) will stay there, allowing your curls (and face) to enjoy the full affect of the products you applied. Need more reasons why this should be on your pillow, like yesterday? If you use a fancy night face cream or have beautiful lash extensions, and you don't have one of these Queens of fabric, your cotton pillowcase is soaking up all the money, lashes and moisture right off of your face. It also regulates with the temperature, meaning it can stay cool throughout the night. Cotton LOVES moisture, just us much as our curls do! So do yourself a favor curl friend and order yours today! 

Ballin' on a budget? Our Satin Pillowcases are great starters and is the affordable way to experience the treatment of healthy hair and skin. It's also the perfect gift for your curly haired kids!  


2. The Heat Cap 

Our heat cap is the Holy grail to creating strong, moisturized, healthy curls! It drastically improves the quality of curls within your first few uses and is the perfect hydration treatment for natural, colored, dry and/or damaged hair. It helps  maintain long lasting moisture retention until your next wash day. When you apply The Heat Cap with deep conditioner, you're opening up each individual strand of hair to receive the full effect of the nutrients within the product. While deep conditioning is great way to moisturize curls, it can only do so much on its own, without the penetrating power of heat. Other great benefits are that it helps treat the hair after the harshness of shampoo and is fully cordless and microwaveable, so you can move as you please. Start enjoying salon like results and treatments, all within the comfort of your own home!


3. The Detangle Brush 

The only detangle brush you will ever need! It's tough on tangles, but gentle on your tresses. This brush easily glides through your curls as you detangle without breaking bristles or causing extreme hair fallout. It's the perfect brush for detangling with co-wash or deep conditioner in the shower, or to use right before styling wet hair. It's the perfect detangler brush to use on any curly kids, women and men! This brush saves major time and hassle, so start detangling your curls with ease and confidence today!  



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