High Porosity Curly Hair Characteristics & Tips

High Porosity Curly Hair Characteristics & Tips


HIGH POROSITY curly hair cuticles are raised so much that it creates holes and gaps along the hair shaft, allowing too much moisture to enter and exit as it pleases.This leaves strands prone to frizz, dryness, breakage, and tangles. Simple acts such as swimming, bathing, and shampooing can create more damage and breakage, due to how easily it absorbs and ejects its moisture. Since the hair cuticles are raised, it’s easy to lose moisture just as fast as it’s absorbed. High Porosity hair has no certain race or hair color. It’s simply hair that has severe heat and/or chemical damage and needs special curl care and moisture to help close the cuticles. 


  • Tends to be dull, dry and/or weak hair. 
  • Accepts moisture but struggles to retain it.  
  • Tangles easily, leading to frizz
  • Needs restoration of moisture often 
  • Hair cuticle is heavily raised, therefore it absorbs and ejects moisture fast
  • Dries fast
  • Often, the end result of damaged hair from permanent coloring, heat styling, chemical processing and/or excessive mechanical manipulation. 
  • The effects of this damage are irreversible, however there are ways to temporarily treat and care for it, until the big chop!
  • Protein treatments once or twice a month: Temporarily fills gaps & holes in hair cuticles. Aids in strengthening hair and reduces breakage. Improves elasticity, providing fuller, thicker hair. It basically helps repair the open hair shaft/cuticle. If you notice hair is losing its definition, it’s time for some protein! 
  • Use cool water when rinsing hair, to help close the cuticle 
  • Have patience! Great results take lots of time, perseverance and practice.
  • Cold water rinses. This will help lock and seal the nutrients in your strands. 
  • Use Anti-humectants when high heat and humidity are involved. This will aid in sealing the open, damaged cuticles and prevent them from absorbing the excess moisture in the environment. 
  • Use Aztec clay mask to revive, restore, and moisturize strands. Helps bring hair back to its natural state as much as possible. Use a heat cap to intensify the moisture!
  • For the wash day procrastinators, protective styles like loose buns, ponytails, braids, twists and claw clip ponytails are beneficial for extending the length in between washes.
  • Deep conditioning treatments with a heat cap…..weekly! This is essential to creating defined, frizz free curls. This will help strengthen elasticity as well as allow for extreme penetration of ingredients into the hair shaft. 
  • Use Leave-in conditioners, sealants and moisturizers for your high porosity hair. It tends to lose moisture easily and these products are sure to help you retain it, by helping to temporarily close your cuticles. 
  • Layer your products. Your hair loves and needs moisture. A leave-in conditioner, a mousse, gel and a sealant will do wonders. 
  • Be cautious of Silicones. They are known to be the most loved/hated ingredient for a reason! They can be great for helping to close the hair cuticle, especially in high humidity, but can easily cause buildup, so pay close attention if silicones are ingredients in your products. 
  • Use heavy butters (shea and/or cocoa butter) with natural oils. They help protect your strands from losing too much moisture, while also helping to temporarily fill in the holes and gaps in your cuticles. 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar rinses: These will help close your fragile cuticles and seal the moisture in. Topping with an aloe vera gel can aid in definition, and sealing moisture. 
  • Seal with oil. This helps lock moisture in without it being repelled back into the air. Shea butter and almond oil are the best!
  • Visit Cays Curls YouTube page to watch "How To" videos for your high porosity curls 

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