Essential Products for High Porosity Curls

Essential Products for High Porosity Curls

Do you have high porosity curly hair? This blog will help you understand the most essential products for your high porosity curly hair, as well as tips for styling and maintenance of your high porosity curls.

Because sometimes all you need is the right products. Find out how to use them with your curl type on our Cays Curls Curly Hair Products YouTube page! 




1. Oil/Serum/Co-wash

  • Helps lessen the harsh drying effects of shampoo.
  • Use before shampoo and rinse out before or after shampoo, whichever your hair desires more! 
  • Unclogs the hair follicles by loosening build-up for easier removal
  • Aids in balancing the production of the scalp's natural conditioning oils.
  • Once hair is 100% dry, use the same oil to seal and soften your curls. Olive or avocado is the best for high porosity! 
  • Moisturizes and nourishes a dry, itchy scalp 
  • Scrunch and lather into hair to remove the “crunch” (the hardness from the gel). This will immediately soften your curls from the gel cast.
  • Use sparingly. This step is not necessary every single wash. If hair id drier than normal (like from swimming, heat styling, hot summer days, or even the dry winter season) than this step is essential 
  • Use this same oil to break the gel cast once hair is 100% dry


2. Sulphate-Free Shampoo

  • Even though it’s not recommended to have color-treated hair, it’s imperative to use a color-treated shampoo, if so. These specific shampoos contain special nutrients and ingredients that are specifically designed for color treated hair and will aid in maintaining moisture and elasticity. Without this special formulated shampoo, your curls are at severe risk for frizz and breakage. 
  • Using a clarifying and moisturizing shampoo will help to cleanse, and not strip your hair of all its nutrients. 
  • Using the Shampoo Exfoliator, while shampooing will aid in removing excess dirt & buildup.
  • The Shampoo exfoliator improves blood flow circulation, which stimulates hair growth. 
  • Using cool water when rinsing is key to sealing in moisture. Remember Cool water CLOSES the cuticles. 

3. Deep Conditioner

  • Using a heavy deep conditioner will give moisture to your delicate tresses. 
  • Helps to restore nutrients and dramatically improves hair elasticity 
  • Using a heat with a deep conditioner will tremendously help to restore nutrients and improve hair elasticity. 



4. Protein Masque

  • High porosity curls tends to be drier, due to chemical dyes and/or excessive heat styling. A protein masque is great for adding back in the stripped nutrients and proteins every other month. 
  • Caution: This product can easily be over or underused, depending on your hair's current state. Use sparingly. It Is not recommended to use protein on a consistent basis. It's crucial to switch up products during seasonal changes. The weather can definitely affect the outcome of your tresses.



5. Heavy Leave-In Conditioners, Butters or Defining Creams

  • A thicker leave-in conditioner, butter or moisturizer would be the best form to help penetrate into the open cuticle strands. The heavier the conditioner, the better chance of sealing the moisture and aiding in temporary closure of the hair follicles. Remember: a little product can go a long way!!



6. Mousse

  • Mousse and the styler brush will reduce frizz, enhance/define high porosity curl pattern, and create beautiful curl clumps.
  • Provides a light-weight hold and volume. 
  • It’s not necessary to use a mouse to create beautiful curls, but it can help in reducing frizz and increasing moisture! It won't hurt to test/try it out to see how your hair reacts. 


7. Gel

  • Increase elasticity and flexibility to your tresses
  • Provides a tremendous amount of shape, Holland curl definition when styling 
  • Use a “cheap” gel when doing slick back ponytails or any other updo style. You don't want to use up all your “good” gel on hair that doesn't need defined curls. 
  • The secret to poppin' high porosity curls 

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