Medium Porosity Curly Hair Characteristics & Tips

Medium Porosity Curly Hair Characteristics & Tips

MEDIUM POROSITY curly hair is between low and high porosity. The golden porosity.  Hair cuticles are raised and loose enough to allow the right amount of moisture to enter, exit, absorb and retain moisture. They have the perfect amount of holes and gaps, along the cuticle that allows moisture to stay put. Medium porosity requires the least amount of maintenance, however, it can be prone to product buildup quickly, so less is always more. Using a scalp exfoliating scrub shampoo once or twice a month and sealing your ends with oil can do wonders. Medium porosity has no certain color of hair, race or ethnicity. It’s simply healthy curls that usually has no heat or color damage. If your hair easily absorbs product and can remain frizz-free, this may be your match!



  • Retains moisture well
  • Prone to buildup
  • Easily moisturized 
  • Can handle light and heavy products
  • Won’t dry quickly or slowly 
  • A little (product) goes a long way 
  • Hold styles well 
  • Great elasticity and bounce
  • Healthy, resilient hair 
  • Can easily become over moisturized 
  • Maintains & absorbs well 
  • Can easily become dry & frizzy  
  • A balanced porosity (A little of everything)
  • Deep condition every wash but only use a heat cap when necessary. If you notice hair is dry and frizzy, it may be time to use a heat cap. Once or twice a month is ideal.  (This is help increase moisture and significantly reduce frizz and elasticity)
  • Cleanse your hair with shampoo once a week. This will decrease the amount of product buildup. 
  • Use a shampoo exfoliator every.single.wash. This helps to remove excess buildup that your strands are easily prone to. 
  • Have patience, great results take time and it’s more than likely you won’t see the results you're expecting on the first try…. Consistency is key!
  • Use the Aztec clay mask with a heat cap with help to revive, restore and moisturize your curls. This can be done every 3-4 months, either way, your hair will benefit from this. 
  • Do protein treatments two to three times a year (after the cold and hot seasons). Healthy hair is already packed with tons of protein and can easily become stiff and weighed down from protein overload. So remember, less is more and medium porosity can quickly cause product buildup
  • Use co-wash when hair is dry and frizzy (every other wash or if you hair is drier than normal) before shampoo to minimize excessive dryness from shampoo
  • Protective styles like buns, braids, twists, and up-do’s, can stretch the length of your wash and go, giving the procrastinators a few more days before washing. 
  • Trim your ends at least twice a year 
  • Use a sulfate free shampoo every wash day to avoid buildup
  • Visit Cays Curls YouTube page to watch "how to" videos on your medium porosity curls

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