low porosity styling combos

low porosity styling combos

We get it, trying to choose what products to use can def be a headache. There’s so many to choose from, with no guarantee that they’ll be good, not to mention, products can be pricey

That’s why we've put together a list of 9 different low porosity styling combos for you to try, that are guaranteed to work, curlfriend! 

As long as you have a conditioner, to moisturize curls and a gel, to lock and seal in that moisture, you are good to go! 

Make sure to use plenty of water when styling, like, have your hair drippin wet! And always style hair in at least two-three sections, just to make sure every strand of curl gets the moisture they deserve! 

Below, you will find the reasons as to why you should use a conditioner and a gel. You also have additional tips on what kind of conditioner to use and why 

Light leave-in conditioner or Curl Milk:
  • A light leave-in conditioner or curl milk is thin enough to penetrate into the low, closed hair cuticle. The thicker the conditioner, the more chance you have of the product “sitting” on your hair. The thinner, the better! 
  • Make sure the first five ingredients include humectants, like glycerin, honey and/or castor oil and apply with warm water. 
  • PRO TIP: Easy on the humectants in the summer or high humidity. They are known to soak up too much moisture in the air, causing frizz, double up on gel instead or use an anti-humectant. 
  • For best results, start with a thin or light conditioner.


  • Mousse and the styler brush will reduce frizz,  enhance/define curl pattern, and create beautiful curl clumps.
  • Provides a light-weight hold while creating volume. 
  • Mousse is a great styler product, but your curls can also do without. Try it out to see what it can do for your hair. It can be used as the conditioner, before the gel.

  • Provides a tremendous amount of shape, hold and curl definition when styling.
  • The secret to poppin curls. 
  • Creates long lasting, defined curls. 
  • Non-drying or damaging.
  • Increases elasticity and flexibility to your tresses.
  • Creates a “crunch” but that’s ok, a pinch of oil can get rid of that!
  • Use a “cheap” gel when doing slick back ponytails or any other updo style. You don't want to use up all your “good” gel on hair that doesn't need defined curls

*The products listed below range from $5.99 all the way up to $28.99, so pick the combo and price that works for you, and get to stylin’! To save you from hassle, long styling times, and to create the best curls, don't forget to grab your Cays Curls Styler Brush, Infinite Sprayer, Sectioning Clips & Microfiber Towel 




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